You wanna work with page2flip Premium? Let’s go!

Our Quick Start Guide shows you, how to create an e-paper with page2flip Premium.

1. Go to You can also use the login at the top on the right.

2. Register with your email and password.

3. You’ll get a registration email to your address. Follow the activation link in that mail.

4. After some seconds you’ll get back to the regisration website. You can log in now.

5. After the login you can start creating your e-papers.

6. On the right next to “Recent Projects” and “Recent Pageflips” you can start a new project.

7. Give it a name and description. Click on “Create”.

8. On the next dashboard you can either upload your PDF document or import one from the internet. It will automatically be converted to single pages.

9. Afterwards you can edit the single pages, change the order, delete or add pages.

10. When you’re ready with that, page2flip creates your e-paper. You can pimp it now. Add hotspots like links, audio files Videos, iFrames and so much more!

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